Area 12 Competitions 2021

These competitions are open to Senior and Junior members.  They are for individuals and / or teams of 4.  We can enter qualifying teams and / or non-qualifying teams. The standard of competitors is usually very high and the courses are always up to height, so you must be currently competing confidently at the appropriate level. Schedules will be on the BRC Area 12 website and circulated by e-mail as and when they become available together with further details, but if you would like to take part as a team member please do register your interest in advance.  Also, see Teams page for further information.

Area 12 Dressage 

King Sedgemoor Equestrian - Saturday, 17 July 2021

Hosted by BKRC at King Sedgemoor Equestrian.

Summer Dressage Qualifiers for Hartpury and Lincoln.

Schedule to follow shortly.

Dressage from Prelim - Advanced Medium and Riding Test.

Tests will be ridden on both grass and surface. 

Contact Jane Phillips if you are interested in riding for Witheridge RC 

Area 12 Horse Trials 

Entries are open - senior entries are limited to 50 - get your entries in quick and let Nicky know you have entered - we need more 80 seniors and more 90 seniors to make up some teams! 


Area 12 Horse Trails are to be held this year at Pontispool, Taunton on Saturday 5th June 2021


Entries open April 1st via Equo - 


Entries close Friday 28th May however it would appear they are running open classes on the day too so please be quick!! 


Please enter yourselves via Equo using the link above if you would like to take part and let Nicky Day ( know that you have entered and for which class. 


Use the reference 'Witheridge' when it asks if you are in a team and let Nicky know and she will coordinate the teams and consideration for any qualifying teams will be made. 


Please let Nicky know within your email to say that you have entered whether you would like to be considered for a qualifying team and/or whether you would like to be qualifying individual or just participate as non-qualifying and teams will be coordinated appropriately. 


Nicky cannot see the Equo entries so please make sure you let her know once you have entered. 

Could everyone please let Nicky have the following information if you are on the list to compete at the horse trials:

  • Horses Name (as it appears on the passport please -especially important for qualifying entries) 

  • A copy of your horses flu vaccination page in the passport and front page of the passport too - again especially important to have this write for qualifying entries as I have to attach this to the declaration forms on the day 

  • Your BRC membership number 

80 Q S

Vikki Maddox

Becky Stanbury 

Nicky Day 

Rebecca Brown 

80 Q S

Ameila Green

Helen Banbury 

Mary Coe

Demelza Barnes

90 Q S

Nicky Day 

Louise White

Alex Barnett 

100 Q  S

Jane Phillips

Caroline Thompson 

Louise Sailsbury 

90 Q Juniors

Fiona Wedden 

Donella Phillips

Phoebe Banbury 

Hattie Barnes


Freya Wiggins - 90 Junior Q

Caroline Lowes - 80 Senior NQ

Cathy Crang - 80 Senior NQ