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Sunday 26th - 10.00 am onwards : Blackdog Biomechanics at Mill Barton, Witheridge 

Online booking site:

In the BLACKDOG biomechanics rider posture sessions, we focus purely on your position and your influence as a rider.

The session starts with a biomechanics assessment. All that a rider has to do is wear one of our bodywarmers with the markers on it and then ride down the centre line away from the camera. These videos are run through our software, which produces a report and an animated video. It takes about 5 minutes for a set of videos to run, plus a few minutes of “faffing” time for me to transfer the videos to the laptop!

The report highlights key metrics, like how far a rider is tipping forward or if they're dropping or twisting their shoulders. Plus it's colour coded so they can quickly tell the areas that are great or that need improvement.

The system builds a 3D model of the rider as a stick figure. The animated video shows, using this stick figure, how the rider was moving with the horse. Take a look at our website ( for examples of these videos as they're hard to explain!

We use the results of this assessment in the coaching section of the session. The focus of the coaching is to improve position and posture in order to make you a more effective rider. We won't be working on the horse's way of going, but very often we see a big improvement anyway, just from making a few rider adjustments.

We then finish with another biomechanics assessment to highlight the improvement made during the coaching session. Sometimes, depending on the issue, things can’t be “fixed” in a single session. In these cases, I’ll signpost the rider to maybe see a physio or suggest a set of floor or gym exercises to target any particular areas of weakness.

There’s also an option to have additional slow motion videoing. These videos really let you see everything that is going on both with the rider and the horse and I highly recommend it. We start and end the session with the slow-mo, so riders can see a good before and after comparison.

Price-wise, there are a few options:

-£30 for a one-to-one (45 mins)
-£35 for a one-to-one with slow motion filming (1 hr)
-£20pp for a shared (max 2 people, 1 hr)
-£25pp for a one-to-one with slow motion filming (max 2 people, 1 hr)

Don’t forget that we are running the RoR (Retraining of Racehorses) Riding Club Challenge at our summer competitions. It is a points based system for horses registered with RoR (see their website You get 1 point for just turning up, there is a rosette for the highest placed racehorse at each competition, and a trophy at the end of the season for the one with most points through the year. We don't seem to have many ex racehorses in our Club (although there were three out of four in the first group at the XC clinic recently) so it's well worth registering and notifying competition organisers of your registration number on your entries.



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