For Area 12 competitions please see Area 12 Page.


For Quest Club competitions please contact Sophie Marshall


For Rising Stars competitions please contact Cindy Somerville

Riding club teams – something for everyone!

The main team competitions are run by British Riding Clubs with local (Area 12) qualifiers and national championships as described below but there are also the Rising Stars for those not yet quite experienced enough for the BRC teams, and Team Quest which is run by British Dressage mainly to encourage more people to register for BD.

Rising Stars

The Rising Stars team dressage and show jumping competitions are fun, low key and friendly with the opportunity to compete alongside other WRC members at the same level with the focus on you and your horse enjoying yourself. Being part of a team means you have extra support and fun! The competitions are indoors so you don’t need to worry about the rotten weather.......except when you’re warming up outside!!

Rising Stars is perfect for novice or nervous horses / riders with dressage classes at Intro and Prelim level and show jumping starting with a 55cm warm up class going up to a 70 – 75cm class. Competitions usually start in April and are held every couple of months up to October at Conquest Equestrian Centre, Taunton. Almost all the Rising Stars classes are qualifiers for the Sunshine Tour Championships to be held at The All England Showground, Hickstead. Individuals qualify not the team.

Entering is easy! When the schedule comes out, just get in touch with Cindy Somerville and let her know which class you’d like to enter and send her your entry fee. Teams are made up of either 3 or 4 members and we can enter as many teams as we like. Entry fees are usually £10 per horse per class.

It’s slightly different eligibility for each class,but as a general rule horses are not to have affiliated points or to have represented RC or PC at area level.


Quest Club

Would anyone like to do a British Dressage Quest Club Team this year?
It is not a Riding Club event, and you don’t need to be a member of a Riding Club either, so any friends are welcome. I am happy to be Team Captain for a team. We need 7 people to make up the team.   You need to have a BD Quest Club membership which costs £30.  And your horse needs a BD Club Membership which costs £10. You can then do BD Prelim Bronze competitions too.  There is also an individual competition, called My Quest, which takes place on the same day at the Team competition. At each competition we ideally need 4 members. The best 3 scores count.


You can compete at Intro, Prelim, or Novice, and the Team can be made up of any combination. - 4 Intro Tests is OK. You don’t need to wear posh clothes, some teams have matching clothes.

The competition venues near us are; The Grange (Okehampton), Stretcholt and Kings Sedgemoor (near Bridgwater) and Bicton College.

For more information, and to check you are eligible, please look on the British Dressage Website.

Look on the left hand side for Competitions, then Quest Club.

To find dates for the competitions look for Schedules, Event Type - Team Quest.  Counties - Devon and Somerset. Although, some of the venues have not submitted their dates yet.

As the Team Captain, I sort out all team members’ entries, including My Quest individual entries ( usually about 2 1/2 weeks before the competition ) We had a Facebook Message group last year, which worked very well.

I will need to register the team when I have all rider/horse membership numbers, and we need a team name.

Sophie Marshall


British Riding Clubs (BRC) Area Competitions

Clubs that are affiliated to the BHS (British Horse Society) are split into 23 areas within the UK. Our club is in Area 12 and our members are able to compete at Area 12 competitions. Each competition is an Area 12 Championship and an Area Qualifier rolled into one. There are a variety of BRC Area competitions held throughout the year. SJ and XC courses are always up to height and the standard of competitors is usually very high. We can enter both Senior and Junior teams and, for most of the competitions, we can enter individuals. If the team or individual wants to try and qualify for the national championship there is an extra BRC fee to pay which is usually around £7, this is on top of the standard entry fee for the competition (area entry) and we refer to this as a qualifying entry / team. A preliminary entry has to be submitted to BRC for qualifying entries 21 days before the date of the competition. If the team or individual does not want to try and qualify for the national championships we can submit a non-qualifying entry where just the standard competition entry fee is paid. The winning team, and sometimes the second placed team, depending upon entries, and usually winning individuals qualify for championships, plus the highest placed individual not part of the winning team. We have a designated team manager for each competition – details and schedules are circulated to the membership via e-mail. For each competition there are various eligibility rules and you need to check the BRC rulebook before putting your name forward to ensure that both you and your horse are eligible for the class you wish to enter. The rulebook can be downloaded from the BHS website: . If you wish to put yourself forward for a qualifying team, you must be currently competing confidently at the appropriate level.

Novice Winter Championships

The Novice Winter Dressage is open to both teams and individuals. Two members of the team must ride a Prelim test and two members must ride a Novice test, individuals will compete in separate arenas.

The Novice Winter Show Jumping is a team event only. Teams compete in two rounds, the first round is 80cm and the second course may be higher (usually 85cm).

The championships are usually held in April at The College Equestrian Centre, Keysoe, Bedford.

Intermediate Winter Championships

The Intermediate Winter Dressage sections include both team and individual classes at Prelim to Advanced Medium levels.

The Intermediate Winter Show Jumping includes a team competition with the first round starting at 95cm.

The championships are usually held in April at Bury Farm Equestrian Village, Bedfordshire.

Festival of the Horse (FOTH)

FOTH Challenge - This competition is designed to be a test of a horse and rider’s ability to negotiate a show jumping course together with a cross-country course. The Challenge consists of seven to ten show jumps followed by fifteen to twenty-five cross-country efforts.

FOTH Combined Training - It will be a team and individual competition at the qualifier. For teams, two team members will take part in the Prelim/75 Section, riding a prelim dressage test and show jumping at 75cm. The other two members will take part in the Novice/85 Section riding a Novice dressage test and show jumping an 85cm round.

The championships are usually held in June at Washbrook Farm, Aston-le-Walls, Northamptonshire.

National Championships held in September at Lincolnshire Showground, Lincoln, Lincolnshire Riders can compete in dressage, riding test, show jumping and style jumping.


The Championships include a wide range of dressage classes for both team and individuals. Juniors may ride in junior dressage, junior teams of four, junior elementary and junior pairs dressage, while seniors can enter senior open, senior prelim, senior pairs, senior teams of four, and a medium dressage class for individual seniors. Open to seniors and juniors is the teams of six. All team members are automatically included in the appropriate individual classes.

Riding Test

The riding test is similar to a dressage test, but marks are awarded according to the rider’s performance, and the horse’s paces are not considered. For senior teams two members ride the Prelim RT and the other two ride the Novice RT. Junior team members all ride Prelim RT.

Show Jumping

For the show jumping competition, Juniors may ride in the novice class at 80cm, the intermediate class at 95cm or Open at 1.10m. Seniors have the choice of riding novice at 80cm, intermediate at 95cm or Open (a mixed class of seniors and juniors) at 1.10m.

Style Jumping

Style jumping is similar to show jumping, but marks are based on the rider’s performance rather than the horse's. Consisting of two sections, 75cm and 85cm, for both juniors and seniors at the Qualifiers and Championships.

Horse Trials (Eventing) Teams

Four levels: 80cm, 90cm, 100cm and 100+ (XC 100cm, SJ 110cm high)

Team members must have demonstrated they and their horses are competent in all three phases and fit enough to make the XC time, so must have completed at least two unaffiliated events in the current year. We would rather not send a team at all if they are not up to the standard required. We enter only one team to qualify for the National championships but other teams can compete for the Area championships. Qualifying horses must have up-to-date vaccinations and have their passports with them.

The Qualifier/Area championship is usually held at Bicton in mid June and the National championships (at Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire recently) in early August.